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Test Autoresponders: Test your autoresponder account by sending all saved messages to an e-mail address of your choice, so that you don't have to wait days before all follow-ups are delivered.
Edit Autoresponders: Create and edit autoresponders in your account (both instant response and follow-ups); these are the autoresponders that your autoresponder will send out once its triggered ('instant response') and follow-ups delivered at preset time intervals.
Send Broadcast: This feature lets you broadcast an e-mail ('a manual follow-up') to your mailing list; you can use this to announce new products, send out newsletters, notify your prospects about special offers, etc.
Active Prospects: Lists all active prospects (people who have triggered your autoresponder recently and are in your autoresponder cycle, waiting for all follow-ups to be delivered) and lets you edit/remove entries; you may also add more prospects manually or import a huge list. (granted you have their permission)
Mailing List: Shows your account's mailing list (all people who have triggered your account in the past, not just the active prospects); you can edit/remove/import entries
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This software is an example of leveraging automation at it's best!

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This software is an example of leveraging automation at it's best!

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